Super Mario Land 2 Randomizer

Wario giving thumbs up



GNU General Public License v3.0


  • Updated Deer Mode to remove hearts and stars from levels, including bonus games.
  • Fixed midway bell replacement in Space Zone 1 (if it is scrolling).
  • v2.04

  • Deer Mode introduced, which starts the player with 0 lives and disables both soft resets and exiting levels via start and select.
  • v2.03.1

  • v1.2 ROM compatibility has been fixed.
  • v2.03

  • Physics can be randomized between Mario and Luigi (or Luigi only), in addition to ice physics.
  • Autoscrollers on certain levels can be sped up under Beast Mode.
  • For levels with dual exits, either they can all be randomly swapped, or all but Hippo can be swapped.
  • Bonus bell game power-ups have been randomized.
  • Flags now have a length of 4 hexadecimal characters.
  • v1.8.1 DX ROMs are fully supported.
  • UI changes: rearranged some elements, physics renamed gravity, does not allow flags that pick both physics options or both exit options.
  • v2.02

  • Karamenbos ("thwomps") in Wario's Castle have randomized starting heights if enemies are randomized.
  • Certain platforms in Wario's Castle have randomized starting heights under Beast Mode (with randomized platforms).
  • v2.01.1

  • v1.2 ROMs now properly display the file select screen with the seed and flag numbers.
  • v2.01

  • Midway bells are replaced with enemies in Beast Mode.
  • Auto-scrolling is no longer allowed in Space Zone 1 if it has moon physics.
  • v2.00.4

  • Credits have custom text and some parts are randomized.
  • v2.00.3

  • Seed and flags appear on the file select screen.
  • v2.00.2

  • Changes the ROM version text to the URL with the seed and flag numbers, and clicking it copies it to the user's clipboard.
  • After flags are inserted in the flags field, the checkboxes are checked automatically.
  • Seed and flag fields only accept valid inputs via URL, and only output what would be valid inputs.
  • v2.00.1

  • Accepts seed and flags via URL in the format "/?s=SEED&f=FLAGS" at the end of the URL.
  • v2.00

  • Rewritten in JavaScript; now available online.
  • Options are now saved as flags, rather than integrated into the seed number.
  • If a DX ROM is randomized, it will be reflected in the output file name.
  • Boss levels can now be randomized. The golden coin shown corresponds to the level (not boss) beat, but will be saved as the zone that was completed.
  • Bosses can be randomized within boss levels.
  • Boss health can be randomized.
  • Power-ups during the Wario fight are randomized.
  • Hurry-up music is now an option for level music.